Some Useful Remedies for Dysentery Treatment

Published: 14th April 2010
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Dysentery is commonly known as an inflammatory disorder of the intestine, especially of the colon, that results in severe diarrhea with fever and abdominal pain. It is an infection which is often considered as symptoms to other disease rather than a disease itself. It also results in dehydration and caused by intestinal problem. The main cause of dysentery is the inflammation of the bowels. The dysentery results in severe abdominal pain. Dysentery also includes diarrhea that is often linked with the blood in the feces. The main reason that causes diarrhea and dysentery is the consumption of contaminated food. Most often we consume food that is left open uncovered and contaminate through flies.

During Dysentery, it is often recommended to avoid high fiber food like whole grain cereals, whole pulses with husk. In case of chronic diarrhea, the fluids and mineral losses need to replenished, there should be proper intake of fluids and nutritional supplements. It is strictly recommended to avoid consumption of fried fatty foods such as spices, pickles, chutneys, and strongly flavored vegetables like cabbage, turnip, radish, capsicum, onion and garlic.

Always drink plenty of water and intake various fruits and vegetables which are made of water. Dysentery treatment can be done by adopting some basic remedies. These remedies can be very useful if taken properly. Dysentery is often associated with diarrhea and constipation, increased flatulence and abdominal cramps. Garlic can be very useful in Dysentery treatment. Garlic is almost found in every Indian kitchen and holds numerous health benefit properties. It acts as effective anti fungal and anti bacterial compound. It helps boost your immune system against various infections and viruses. It has amazing ability to cure diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, colitis, and other intestine disorders.

Garlic Juice also contains numerous benefits in treating various illnesses. It is very useful in many conditions such as tuberculosis, enter colitis and amoebic dysentery. It acts as an expectorant as well as assisting asthma and bronchitis.

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