Natural and Effective Remedy for Bed Wetting

Published: 21st May 2010
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The problem of bed wetting is commonly seen in children under the age of five years and it happens because of the size of the bladder. It can be described in simple words that the size of bladder is too small to hold enough urine to last through the night. This problem usually occurs in small children and disappears gradually in teenagers. It can be said that primary illness such as a urinary tract infection or diabetes may also result in bed wetting.

Bed wetting is also known as enuresis in medical dictionary, is the irregular habit of urinating in bed. It is commonly seen in early childhood. Sometimes it also appears in early adulthood and occasionally among the aging. There are do definite reasons behind this but most commonly known reasons include behavioral disturbances, sound sleeping, food allergies, heredity, nutritional deficiencies and psychological problems.

There are some proven remedies to cure bed wetting. You can start with good diet. Avoid taking carbonated and caffeinated drinks to reduce chances of bed wetting. It is a known fact that homeopathic remedy can also play an important role in treating bed wetting. Reflexology is one of most proven methods used to relieve stress can also reduce the incidence of bed wetting.

Other natural remedies for bed wetting are herbal remedies. You can consult your doctor to know more about the effective herbs against enuresis. Make sure not to give any fluids to child 2 hours prior going to bed. It will ensure that bladder is empty. Avoid sweets, meats, caffeinated drinks and too much fruits. Other effective home remedies include the intake of Cinnamon bark and sarson powder. You can chew the cinnamon bark and take sarson powder in a cup of water. You can also use stress management and mental therapy for your child. Nothing more than love is important to cure your child from bed wetting.

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